The Convergence Alliance

The Convergence Alliance is a unique community of open source protocols, enterprise, start-ups, government bodies and academia leading the next phase of the Web.

Driving innovation by defining, building, and integrating the Convergence Stack, actioned through working groups, research, hackathons and an annual dev con. The Convergence Stack is a set of decentralized technologies that combines Distributed Ledger Technology with IoT, Big Data & AI in an Open Systems Interconnection inspired model.

Who is the Convergence Alliance for?

As a business who produces, processes and derives value from data, the stack offers a framework for navigating decentralisation, blockchain and Web 3.

If you are a developer, the Stack enables you to be part of an ecosystem of open-source technologies spanning hardware, software and p2p networking. While this is a broad invitation, we recognise that within The Stack all segments of the community play a vital role in the emerging Data Economy.

The diagram displays example members of the Convergence Alliance and how partners work together to build Web 3.0.

In Web2.0 we became familiar with the value of data. However we also witnessed data silos, breaches and hacks, as well as data being hoarded or not utilized at all. The Convergence Stack offers a solution to these challenges by providing an open-source hardware, software, networking and application stack to support a more secure, private, accessible and equitable digital infrastructure.

The Convergence Alliance will facilitate collaboration at a technical and commercial level, to increase the successful diffusion of The Stack across a variety of industries and use-cases. This will be done through working groups:

Internal Technical Council

Consists of the technical leads of each protocol with the objective to align on development strategy, govern the roadmap for integrations and define the high level vision of the Stack.

Internal Business Development Working Group

Establishes a more structured way for protocol’s business development leads, commercial arms and CEOs to share opportunities, market learnings and interface with enterprise through one streamlined channel

Enterprise Council

Enterprise will play a key part in taking Web 3.0 innovation mainstream. With global tech giants developing their DLT and AI understanding and offerings, these advances offer solutions to challenges within areas of logistics and supply chain, financial transactions and communication. The Enterprise Council is the key platform for corporations to engage with the Convergence Stack through one easy access point, with its combined member technologies to be used in isolation or concert to solve real world business problems at scale.

Future Working Groups

As the alliance progresses we envision further working groups focused around specific concerns, the first of which will likely be Governance, Regulatory and Integrators working groups, as well as industry-focuses such as Mobility, Industry 4.0, Telecom, Energy & Utilities.

The working groups will focus on

  • Developability: tooling and documentation
  • Building software integrations between The Stack
  • Establishing standards
  • External integrations
  • Academic research
  • Shape regulation and certification
  • Develop usable applications: collaborating on real-world dapps

How to join The Alliance

We want to partner with, support and invest in projects working to realize the Convergence Stack whether early stage startups, later stage projects, corporates, governments and academia.  

Please contact to join the Alliance.