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Botanic / SEED

Botanic / SEED Outlier Ventures


Mark Stephen MeadowsMichelle Katz



September 2011



How can enterprise brands have a personal relationship with every single customer?

Enterprises are looking for online branding, training, and customer support channels that allow both profits and savings. Enterprises need to map, navigate and optimize the conversational landscape of millions of experts and learners.

Bots are replacing mobile apps as the next user interface platform. The bot market growth is exceeding app market growth and will leverage the 5bn+ user base of messaging apps.

However, nobody wants to talk with a robotic robot. This is the problem that Botanic is uniquely positioned to solve.



Botanic provides the tools to author, edit, and deploy multi-modal bots: namely mechanisms for personality, relationships and trust. Whether a chatbot, an assistant, or an avatar these conversational systems are highly social tools for knowledge exchange and dialogue markets. The team has decades’ experience in VR and AI/NLP.

... we don’t have the ability to develop and implement personality like Botanic!’, Senior Manager at Microsoft

Botanic tools allow customers to deploy multi-modal, trusted AI personalities. These bots are unique in that they provide personality, relationships and trust. They deploy quickly and remember past user interactions.



Why we invested in Botanic