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Toby SimpsonHumayun Sheikh






Even with decentralized systems there is still the challenge of how utility is delivered to the end user, be that human or machine, and how value is directed to those most in need of it. Existing approaches rely on simplistic and deterministic categorisation of information, leading to market inefficiency.



The Fetch decentralized and open framework will empower new innovations in the mobility, infrastructure, and energy sectors to create an inclusive and immersive multi-modal systems powered by Autonomous Economic Agents.

Fetch refers to itself as a ‘decentralised digital world’. One where autonomous software agents perform useful economic work. AEAs exchange value and perform specialised tasks for their owners and each other within a shared Open Economic Framework (OEF). This includes services such as: the provisioning of data for decisioning, the trading of excess capacity, energy, computation, or the storage, transfer and transportation of digital or physical assets.



Why we invested in Fetch.AI